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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Never been here, how’s it work?

A. U-Wrench It is a full self -service parts yard. Meaning we do not have tools to loan out and all parts are to be pulled by the customer.  We do have engine pullers available for use with a $25 refundable deposit.


Q. What’s the yard layout?

A. Our vehicles are arranged by rows and sections. There are signs to help with finding Makes/Models. If you are looking for GM products such as Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet, etc. you simply find the GM sign and start looking. As soon you see different models you’ve wandered out of the GM rows.


Q. Are there any guarantees on any parts?

A. There are guarantees on certain parts. Parts include Engines, Transmissions, Starters, Alternators, AC Compressors, Radiators, AC Condensers, and Batteries. The warranty can last as long as 15 days. We do NOT guarantee body parts, electrical parts, tires, wheels, glass, sensors, suspension, brakes, carburetor, cylinder heads, wiring, radios, ECUs, modules, or axles. We do NOT guarantee, exchange, or credit wrong parts that are pulled by the customer. It is not our responsibility to know what you need. We do offer an interchange system to help expand your search to find your part. Feel free to ask for an interchange.


Q. Where are you located and, and what are your hours?

A. We are located on 6010 1/2 So. 60th Street between Harrison and Q. When you come the south all you have to do is to keep heading down 60th and as soon as you pass underneath a railroad bridge we are the second pair of gates to your right. If you coming from Harrison turn onto 60th head north and as soon as you pass the River City

Recycling Center we are the first set of gates on your left. Look for our signs. Our Summer hours are 8am-7pm Monday to Saturday and 8:30am-6:00pm on Sunday. We are open 7 days a week including holidays.  Our Winter hours are 8:00 am to Dusk - 7 days a week.


Q. Do I need to bring my own tools?

A. Yes you do. We do not have any tools to loan out. You are allowed to bring whatever tools you want but we do NOT allow torches or any flame operated tools.


Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Yes we have one in place. The youngest we'd like our customers to be is 16. The yard is much too dangerous f or little children.


Q. What is a core charge?

A. If the item you are purchasing has a core charge, all that is stating is that we want your old or bad part. If you don't have your old item to compensate for the core charge at the time of purchase, don’t worry. There is no time limit to bring your core so bring your old part anytime and the core charge is refundable with a valid receipt.


Q. Are you open on holidays?

A. Yes we are. Depending on which holidays, we operate normal hours or shorter hours.


Q. Are there cash refunds if my guaranteed part doesn't work?

A. There are NO cash refunds.  We will allow you to exchange a purchased part. If there was only one part in the yard, we will offer a U-Wrench-It credit for a future purchase.